Acquire & Implement

Texvit designers and strategists  understand the importance of the execution of the software and so they employ unique methodologies to achieve functional success:-

i) Ready-to-use: They are already managing business operations with a number of companies successfully.

ii) The installation and Configuration of the system is done by Texlynx Technologists in conjunction with the client’s people to ensure smooth operations and maximization of the output.

iii) Post-Installation Training is provided using demonstrations to ensure successful execution of the application.

iv) Data Conversion is facilitated through automated tools built by the technical team and if required can be built and provided at nominal charges.

v) Integration with any existing (legacy) system can also be handled on a case-to case basis.

vi) Customization: Though TEXVIT is built in accordance with industry standards, best practices, and a good knowledge about business processes, it is likely that you might still feel that customization is required, in this given situation, our team of domain experts will evaluate the gaps and suggest an economical solution accordingly.

vii) Support: In order to be accepted as a reliable information system, the efficacy of TEXVIT  is ensured through prompt support & service through daily handling of errands and hurdles.