Buying Services

The ambit of our comprehensive buying services for our valuable clients includes:

Locating Suppliers

The sourcing partner shall locate one or more suppliers in the territory that are capable, singly or together, of manufacturing and supplying the product(s) identified by the client, and provide such information regarding each such supplier as the client may reasonably request. Parties shall notify each other promptly after receipt of any product request and inform the relevant parties (within ten (10) calendar days after such receipt) in the event that the specified Product(s) could not be procured from Suppliers, or could not be procured at the desired prices or delivery schedules. The buying house shall negotiate with the supplier(s) to obtain the best price and delivery terms available.

Product Development Services

The sourcing partner shall act as a liaison between the client and the supplier and if required, shall also assist the client in the development phase of the desired product(s), essentially including the design, product specifications and packaging of the products.


The buying house must make best efforts to negotiate with the suppliers and  obtain the most reasonable prices, warranties and terms relating to products of comparable quality and design.

Develop Samples

The sourcing partner shall procure samples of products being considered for purchase by the customers. They will share the designs and specifications for product samples and the schedule for provision of samples with the potential suppliers. Parties will then procure the approved samples from prospective suppliers.

Inspection and Quality Control

The buying house shall track the progress of all Purchase Orders to ensure the timely assemblage and delivery of products by all suppliers. Parties shall inspect all products to be shipped from a supplier’s facility and ensure that the quality, quantity, packaging and labeling conform with the requirements of the Purchase Order provided by the customers.

Packaging and Shipping

Unless instructed otherwise by the ordering party, the executing party shall ensure that the supplier makes all arrangements for the packaging, export and shipment of products to the destination port designated by the ordering party.

Export Liaison

The sourcing partner shall act as a liaison between the client’s supplier and any Government Authority whose action or approval may be required for the procurement and export of products from the territory.