Corporate & Social Responsibility


The pinnacle of success enjoyed by Texlynx today is a result of the synergy created between hard working
professionals of both genders starting from the lowest rung of the ladder of success to the top, which is why we are committed to our responsibility of “giving back” to society.

We manage our business by adhering to the highest standards of operations while utilizing our capacity to mobilize page_gallery_124and engage people to be agents of change in their lives, especially women. To this end, The focus of our corporate responsibility efforts and achievements has been the empowerment of women in an environment which ensures sustainability of such efforts. As Texlynx helps people the world over to look, feel and be their best, the company also brings beauty of a different kind to people by empowering women to achieve economic independence and to inspire them to serve as agents of change.

Texlynx recently partnered with USAID/PTP in their following initiatives:

  • Women In Trade
  • Hand Embellishment

These projects have been initiated for substantially raising incomes of more than 75,000 predominantly women micro entrepreneurs by training and improving their production and management practices and linking them to more profitable markets.

The USAID Pakistan Trade Project has a cross-cutting objective of integrating more women in Pakistan’s trade sectorpage_gallery_125 by encouraging them to be involved in the services of facilitating trade. Apart from women entrepreneurs contributing to the overall exports from Pakistan, this endeavor is aimed at providing a larger pool of qualified human resources for furthering trade and expanding opportunities for women by equipping them with the skills required for an efficient trade sector.

The project continues to implement a cluster based Value-Chain approach through local organizations from the private sector, government agencies and other relevant actors to build their capacity in delivering effective economic programs.

The training, development of market linkages and sustained improvement in production, marketing and profit margins is achieved by developing and supporting cluster leads who also act as sales agents.

Today, women enjoy unprecedented access to educational and professional opportunities, and the economic empowerment this brings, especially in fields that were virtually off-limits to women in the past is unprecedented, yet, despite these strides, women in much of the world have little access to the mainstream economy. Through these programs we endeavor to provide opportunity to women, which we understand can be a lifeline, an opportunity to support themselves and their families.

Our CSR projects are supporting primarily women entrepreneurs in three ways:

Strengthening Lead Institutions:

By strengthening the capacity of local organizations we are able to facilitate market-driven interventions that help train and connect at least 75,000 predominantly female micro entrepreneurs.

Domestic and International Market Development:

We are able to develop and provide relevant marketing support to selected value chains as well as identify more profitable markets for them. Capacity building measures are incorporated in our local partners and Marketing training is dispersed to them for the active development of local and International market linkages.

Livelihood Recovery Support:

Livelihood recovery support has been provided to approximately 40,000 families who lost their livelihoods due to floods, natural disasters and conflicts.