There was a time when it was said that it is easy to build a house but hard to build a home. Texlynx challenges this old adage by providing our customers with modern aesthetics in Home Furnishing (Indoor and Outdoor) and  Home Accessorizing. We provide our clients with varied options in Bedding, Bath, Furnishing, Hardlines and Dining to name just a few.


A cozy and well furnished bed greets guests with a warm welcome. Our cotton and polyester blends have a great appearance and feel. The cotton provides comfort while the polyester offers strength, durability and faster drying time. Our bedding line ranges from 120 to 1000 threads per square inch, and we are especially strong in the core 180 to 400 thread category. We offer bedding solutions to luxury hotels, resort properties and economy chains.

Bedding Accessories

Our 100% cotton bedding accessories are made with the best quality of cotton fibers and yarns. Egyptian and Pima cotton is spun into a combed yarn which is then woven into luxurious  fabric for long-lived luxury bedding. Texlynx offers a complete range of bedroom decorative items with sheets, pillows, duvets, covers, bed spreads, area rugs, throws, and curtains. there is also a separate range of bedding accessories for childrens’ bedrooms.

Bath Accessories

Texlynx offers a complete range of bathroom essentials for their clients so that they can provide their customers everything that they need to help make bath time a relaxing experience.
Our bathroom accessories include modern fixtures, towels, bathrobes, bath mats, bathroom accessory sets and spa kits.


Texlynx offers an eclectic assortment of candles suitable for all sorts of occasions. From aroma therapy/ scented candles to candle stands/ lamps and from decorative to festive candles, we promise our customers the best shapes and designs for that warm candle glow.

Kitchen & Table Linen

Our Kitchen Linen comprises of a complete range of chef coats, chef pants, chef hats, aprons and cleaning napkins and towels made from thick and durable  cotton satin and dobby fabrics which offer protection from heat. Lighter weight twill fabrics made from durable cotton/ polyester provide comfort in hot kitchens.
The table linen range includes tablecloths, napkins and tea towels. Many of our tablecloths are made from 100% mercerized cotton, which creates greater strength and luster in the fabric. Table linens which are designed with plied yarn in the fabric are heavier and stronger. Products made from synthetic fibers and treated for soil release are easy to maintain and long-lasting.


We offer an extensive range of modern and classic tableware mainly for Tea and Dinner. Our carefully selected collection includes fine crockery, dishware, cutlery, dinnerware, glassware, table service & tea service items and silverware.

Furniture Collection

Texlynx sources a broad variety of indoor and outdoor furniture for its clients. We deal in wooden and upholstered indoor furniture for all areas of a home & Office including bedroom furniture, dining tables, arm chairs, rocking chairs, lounge furniture, wall units, service cabinets etc. We source outdoor furniture such as tables and chairs, loungers and chaises made from durable materials such as cane, jute and other waterproof fabrics to decorate gardens, verandas and pool sides.

Home Decor and Utility Items

We are in the business of helping our clients in improving the aesthetic value of a given space or environment by providing them with the best possible choices of furnishing and decorating.
We offer a substantial variety of Home Decor and Utility Items including  room and lounge table decorations, earthenware, baskets, kitchen and table utensils, trays, bins, wall ornaments,

Area Rugs

Texlynx is proud of its comprehensive assortment of eclectic hand knotted/ tufted and machine tufted rugs from all over the world. Our collection includes a choice of plush or matte Shag Rugs, Chindi Rugs, Jacquard Rugs, Kelim Rugs, Punja Rugs, Indo-Nepalese Rugs and Pitloom Rugs to name a few.


We offer various kind of lamps including lamp stands, table lamps, globe lamps, lanterns, ornamental lamps and lamp-posts.


Our high end towels are made from the highest quality of 100% Egyptian and Pima cotton. We offer traditional weights of 400 gsm and luxurious 800 gsm terry towels, all designed to withstand commercial laundering, such that they can be utilized at home or by the Hospitality Industry alike.