How To Acquire

The process of acquiring TEXVIT is simple and quick. Starting afresh, one can achieve tremendous tangible and intangible benefits from TEXVIT in the following 7 steps:

STEP 1: Get yourself registered and our customer service executive shall contact you to assist you through the process.

STEP 2: Acquire knowledge about TEXVIT modules, features, value additions and costs.

STEP 3: With the agreement on commercial terms and with the attractive benefit of a pocket friendly cost model, you may start with the release of a Letter of Intent (LOI) along with a nominal token fee.

STEP 4: You may select people from different departments to formulate a team to execute the pilot run, i.e., use the software on a trial basis.

STEP 5: TEXVIT technologists will configure the software for the trial usage and provide the necessary assistance to the user groups in carrying out the job stepping, using the software and generating the expected output.

STEP 6: You may review the feedback and confirm the order. A project charter shall be drafted mutually, describing the deliveries, configuration, and training schedules.

STEP 7: The training sessions, as scheduled in the project charter, shall be conducted in the pre-specified user group nominated by the customer. Texlynx Technical shall train them.