Key Features

The following key features of TEXVIT help it find a place in the plan of potential users:

i) Product pricing proposals and decisions can be based on the previous offerings of the same or similar items along with cotton and yarn prices of the corresponding period.

ii) It helps manage the database of products, brands, styles and items.

iii) It records and easily refers relevant data for developments and enables error free transfer of these developments for production.

iv) It provides a comprehensive mechanism for submissions & approvals and ensures complete traceability by making details reference ready. It maintains a complete history of acceptance(s) and rejections. Details about each submission and associated comments are available to Merchandisers, Quality Assurance personnel and the Management.

v) The scheduling of production, shipment and quality assurance activities is based on standard lead times and monitoring of activities can be managed transparently.

vi) It assists the Quality Assurance Team and management to apply the automatic AQL formula and supplies a comprehensive defect checklist. Also, a detailed recording of inspections with fault images and online Inspection Reports makes TEXVIT an effective management tool that can help the management in making informed decisions in order to avoid expensive mistakes.

vii) The centralized repository for images, files and comments enables easy access to relevant data for decision making.

viii) It enables the easy follow up and management of billing and accounts receivables through receipt of commissions from customer and / or suppliers.

ix) TEXVIT allows for transparent, flexible and user dependent information sharing throughout the organization. Users are able to share information and retain ownership with transparency.

x) It maintains comprehensive profiles for the entire supply chain and tracks compliance issues. TEXVIT provides easy access to updated tracking charts and consolidated shipment information.

xi) Transparent workflows maintain profiles and allow the easy execution of TEXVIT.

xii) Planned Vs. Actual Tracking provides a comprehensive performance judgment mechanism.

xiii) Being a Web based software, TEXVIT is available 24×7 anytime, anywhere.

xiv) It works as a comprehensive rights management system which enables apt subdivision of work.