Why Texvit ?

i) Acquire TEXVIT to increase productivity. Manage more business with the same resources and effort.

ii) It satisfies the needs of the customer by effectively handling PO Tracking.

iii) TEXVIT is a ready to use software for buying houses or liaison offices dealing in apparel, home furnishing, textiles etc., augmenting remarkable tangible and intangible benefits.

iv) It organizes communications between all stakeholders, from buyers to vendors to suppliers in a structured manner.

v) It reduces the time cycle of information availability and the execution of transactions while providing timely alerts leading to efficiency in the workflow.

vi) It leads to better control and optimization of time management.

vii) It is  flexible and responsive to changes in the business environment.

viii) It manages electronic files such as Word, Excel, and PDF from a centralized file cabinet.

ix) The consumer works in a user friendly environment for enabling merchandisers and QAs to track and manage samples, orders, developments and communications with and between all stakeholders. The application makes it mandatory for users to review all customer requirements.

x) The user will enjoy flexibility in configuring the entire application.

xi) The user will be able to set up guidelines in accordance with the requirements of the customer and the process being monitored.

xii) The user will have the flexibility of making changes in the work flow through templates in response to any changes in the business.

xiii) The user will attain all relevant information in a click.